Thermo Manager

Product Introduction

Thermo Manager

A non-contact thermometer that provides safety and security for you and your family.

Simply pose your face in front of the camera, with or without a mask, Thermo Manager verifies identity automatically and measures the body temperature synchronously with colored screen and sound alerts of initial elevated temperature cases, which play a role in reducing the risk of the spread of infectious diseases.

It is very useful in various situations such as stores, offices, hospitals, etc.! Easy to install, no construction required!

Product Features

1. High-precision, high-speed abnormality detection

◆ Temperature detection error of ±0.3°C or less ⇒ Ensure the accuracy of the measurement
◆ High speed temperature detection ⇒ Does not block the flow of people and avoids congestion (improves turnover)
◆ Alerts when abnormalities are detected ⇒ Abnormalities can be notified remotely

2. Overwhelming cost advantage

◆ No need to assign personnel for temperature measurement ⇒ Significantly cut down on labor and time
◆ Realization of high functionality and low cost ⇒ Design focused on key functions and manufacture in own factory
◆ 1-year product warranty  ⇒ Providing peace of mind under the COVID-19 epidemic

3. Easy and speedy implementation

◆ No construction required
◆ Easy to install
◆ Available immediately after product arrival

Applicable Occasions

It is suitable for these types of facilities and venues.

Product Specifications


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