Study Note

Product Introduction

Study Note

Study Note is a learning support tool that fosters collaborative learning and the ability to think, judge, and express oneself.The latest Study Note 10 supports a variety of learning styles for deep learning, including simultaneous learning, group learning, and pair learning.

  • Support collaborative learning
  • Support the use of ICT in the learning of each subject
  • Foster proactive learning activities

Product Features


With a touch screen interface, you can express your ideas and opinions in the form of articles, drawings, photos, videos, etc.
The notes created can be shared through electronic bulletin boards or posters.

Collaborative production

Each member can collaborate on a single poster by writing on their own tablet devices.
They can create digital wall newspapers and presentation materials including notes, photos, videos, and audio.

Information exchange

By posting notes on the bulletin board, you can publish and share your ideas and works.
By replying to the posted notes, you can exchange suggestions and opinions.


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