Water Ionizer

Product Introduction

Water Ionizer

The ionized water produced by this water ionizer contains a large amount of water ions generated through electrolysis.

Now you can simply generate water that contributes to health by using this water ionizer.

* Japan Medical Device Certification Number:219AKBZX00147000

Types and Effects of Ionized Water

1. Alkaline water

Alkaline water has an antacid effect and is effective in treating excessive stomach acid, chronic diarrhea, indigestion, and abnormal fermentation in the stomach and intestines.
It can be used for drinking and cooking.

2. Acidic water

The acidic water tightens the skin, prevents skin irritation, and improves texture.
It can be used for daily face washing and skin care.

3. Purified water

Purified water is safe and tasty water with chlorine and impurities removed from tap water.
It can be used for brewing milk for babies and for taking medicines.

4. Strongly acidic water (hypochlorite water)

Strongly acidic water is effective in destroying bacteria and viruses.
It can be used for disinfecting dishes and hands, space sterilization, and other anti-virus measures at home.

5. Strongly alkaline water

Strong alkaline water has an excellent cleaning effect on organic substances such as proteins and grease.
It can be used to clean and deodorize clothes, clean and sanitize kitchen areas, etc.

Removal of pollutants from tap water and ionization decomposition

 The latest Japanese model water Ionizer.

 Built-in electrolytic cell, the latest development in the drinking water industry, with as many as 7 electrode plates on board.

 The newly developed SMPS (Switch-mode power supply) is more efficient.

 Not only does it provide quality assurance for the electrolysis process, but it also allows for more efficient energy savings.

 The special design of the drainage device reduces the amount of waste water generated and saves more water.

Product Features

Large LCD with three colors for easy understanding!
 Our water Ionizer is the first in the industry to use a large size tricolor LCD screen. The display is blue when using alkaline ionized water and orange-red when using acidic water, making it easy for children and the elderly to use.
 The amount of ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) is also displayed, so you can see the amount of reduction at a glance.

Excellent water purification system
 Four types of natural ores, activated carbon, and mechanical filters remove impurities such as residual chlorine, trihalomethane, soluble lead, and simazine from tap water, and elute rich minerals.

Ability to generate hypochlorite water
 Up to 10 liters of strongly acidic electrolytic water and strongly alkaline electrolytic water can be generated by adding sodium chloride (salt) as an electrocatalyst at one time. Even though it is a compactly designed home-use device, its generating capacity is comparable to that of conventional commercial devices.


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