CRM System『Mandegan』

Product Introduction

CRM System『Mandegan』

Mandegan means "all information within a company" in Japanese. It is a centralized management system that can be both a SFA (Sales Force Automation) and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and it's a customizable software package.
The idea of business emphasizes customer satisfaction. The system works on analysing sales department's information and business automation base on benefit maximization oriented management method. It also aims at finding bottlenecks and improving efficiency in the process.

Main Functions

Attendance Management

  • Attendance / Movement
  • Schedule Creation
  • Schedule List

Sales Management

  • Order List
  • Daily Report
  • Business Status
  • Behavioral Analysis

Customer Management

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Search
  • Historical Records

Business Administration

  • Project List
  • Monthly / Annual plan
  • Various Graphs
  • Ranking

Internal Tools

  • Bulletin Board
  • Email
  • Whiteboard
  • Settlement Memo

Financial Management

  • Deposit Management
  • Cost Management


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