SHARP Face Recognition Thermometer

Product Introduction

SHARP Face Recognition Thermometer

It is a solution for preventing the spread of Infectious diseases that can be detected with a single equipment by combining a face recognition AI camera and a thermal sensor.

The thermometer can be used on many occasions, including medical institutions, public facilities, commercial facilities, event venues, nursing care facilities, schools, offices, factories, and gyms. Connected with external systems, Sharp thermometer is in applicable in attendance management, membership management and further scope of use.

Product Features

1. Measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Simultaneous face recognition and temperature detection can be used to instantly identify persons with abnormal body temperatures and prevent them from entering the facility.

2. Advanced facial recognition

Fast and accurate face recognition.Even people wearing masks can be accurately identified.

3. Supports a variety of installation methods

Supports a variety of installation methods, including wall-mounted, floor stand, and tabletop stand. IP54 compliant, so it can be installed under the eaves.

4. Linkage with external systems

The scope of use can be further expanded by linking with external systems. For more details, please contact us.

System Configuration Diagram

The notification application is a tool to remotely notify and monitor the results of facial recognition and temperature monitoring.

PC Recommended Specifications
OS: Windows 10 Home or above
Memory: 4GB or above
I/F: LAN connection to the camera
(Wireless/Ethernet 100Mbps or higher)

One or more devices can be operated.


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