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Medical Software

Receipt Issuing Management System

▶ Customers who are not used to insurance claims can also issue their receipts easily.
▶ With a total of 98 service stations in Japan, we are able to meet customers' requirements meticulously, promptly and reliably.

Receipt Issuing Management System

▶ It is specifically designed to be simple for novice computer users.
▶ With a total of 98 service stations in Japan, we are able to meet customers' requirements meticulously, promptly and reliably.

Enterprise Software

Integrated Management System

▶ It is a centralized management system that can be both a SFA (Sales Force Automation) and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
▶ Huge amounts of data are managed in the cloud, easy operation and lower costs.

Recording System for Alcohol Tests

▶ The operation is not restricted by location, so it is convenient when you go directly home or on a business trip.
▶ Printing of logs and data tables, and CSV data output is also available.

Website Creation and Operation Plan

▶ Simple! Concise and easy-to-understand submission form of text and pictures.
▶ Sub-pages and blogs can be added arbitrarily.

▶ We have achieved many results in a wide range of fields such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, construction, renovation, and healthcare.
▶ The scope of development includes sales management, inventory management, customer management, engineering management, site management, financial calculation, etc., providing you with a customized management system. For further inquiries, please contact us.

Prevention of Infectious Diseases

▶ Used for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and other purposes.
▶ Induction type water discharge, automatically generated hypochlorite disinfection solution automatically outflow, both economical and hygienic.

▶ The special surface processing technology (Moth-Eye structure) derived from the development of the LCD panel, provides a clear field of vision.
▶ Using high transmittance polycarbonate as the surface substrate, any expression of the wearer is clearly visible.

▶ Facial authentication and temperature detection are done at the same time, which can instantly identify people with abnormal body temperature.
▶ Fast and accurate face recognition.Even people wearing masks can be accurately identified.

▶ Capable of temperature detection with high accuracy and efficiency.
▶ We offer a 1-year warranty to protect users even in the event of a raging COVID-19 epidemic.

▶ Eliminates airborne mold and suppresses activity of adhering viruses, bacteria and allergens.
▶ The highly concentrated Plasmacluster (ion concentration: 20,000 ions/cm3) deodorizes tobacco odors in the room in about 60 minutes.

▶  it has a strong oxidizing power not only under sunlight containing ultraviolet but also under visible light of indoor lightings such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs.
▶ The platinum particles blended in as auxiliary catalysts further improve the performance.

Medical Device

Biomechanical image analysis

▶ The system analyzes the causes of back pain, knee pain, stiff shoulders, and other ailments and proposes a treatment plan based on the distribution map of foot pressure measured by a high-performance webcam.
▶ By comparing the images, it is easier to explain the symptoms and treatment to the patient.

JFHA Certified Foot Orthopedic Therapy Products

▶ The product of Footfix series is designed to improve foot movement and alignment by customizing foot orthotics or wearing foot correction straps according to the patient's symptoms and foot shape.
▶ These foot correction tools can be placed in everyday shoes, thereby enhancing daily walking posture and addressing poor habits.

Ionized water/Alkaline water/Acidic water/Purified water

▶ Four types of natural ores, activated carbon, and mechanical filters remove impurities such as residual chlorine, trihalomethane, soluble lead, and simazine from tap water, and elute rich minerals.
▶ Seven different types of water are produced for health, beauty, sterilization, and other uses.

Advanced Glycation Endproducts Assay

▶ Unlike previous blood draws, the AGEs Sensor is easier to operate and more secure to use, making it suitable for everyone.
▶ The unique optical sensing and circuit technology enables rapid measurement in just tens of seconds.

Teaching Software

Individually appropriate learning support systems

▶ Learning can be tailored to each individual's performance.
▶ From the learning history, teacher can monitor the understanding of the whole class and each individual in detail.

Support for expressive and collaborative learning

▶ With a touch screen interface, you can express your ideas and opinions in the form of articles, drawings, photos, videos, etc.
▶ By posting notes on the bulletin board, you can publish and share your ideas and works.

Mobile Robot

▶ RoBoHon can use facial recognition to remember you and your family and learn about your latest concerns, constantly learning and growing.
▶ It will accompany you to play word solitaire and house games with its positive language and lovely tone, it active your daily life.

Innovation Areas

Melon Hydroponics Technology

▶ The melons grown at the Dream Star Research Center use a new type of hydroponic system so that a plant that can generally only yield 1-4 melons can produce as many as 60.
▶ Aiming to utilize fallow land and revitalize agriculture, we will contribute to the region by providing new cultivation techniques and equipment.

Smart Farming Services

▶ Sensors in the greenhouse can collect data such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, and sunshine index to visualize the internal environment of the greenhouse.
▶ When temperature abnormalities are detected, you will receive an alert email notification. It prevents lots of trouble.