SHARP Face Shield

Product Introduction

SHARP Face Shield

Standard model for use in all occasions.

The special surface processing technology (Moth-Eye structure) derived from the development of the LCD panel, provides a clear field of vision.

Product Features

Significantly reduces the reflection of sunlight, lighting, and other light sources
 The moth-eye structure of the film's surface, which is treated with microscopic irregularities, continuously changes the refractive index of external light to significantly reduce surface reflectivity.
 This means that your vision is not obstructed by reflections from lighting, etc., and you can proceed with detailed work at hand without stress.

Prevents fogging caused by high humidity in low/high temperature environments and by exhalation.
 The combination of a newly developed special acrylic resin and moth-eye structure can quickly expand the surface area of water droplets adhering to the film surface, thus preventing fogging due to exhalation in high humidity environments at low/high temperatures or when wearing a shield.

High transmittance performance
 Polycarbonate is used as the surface base material, and its high transmittance makes the wearer's expression clear and easy to see, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks such as reception and customer service at companies and other service operations.

Product Specifications


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