Foot Health System

Product Introduction

Foot Health System

An image analytic system, designed to promote physical health by preventing diseases and degeneration of motor skills and physical functions through the theory of foot orthopedic therapy, which known as health from the feet.

The high performance webcam enables clear still and moving images capture from the heel to the whole body.Foot Health system incorporates the theory and techniques of lower extremity biomechanics to improve the entire body health, starting with the feet.

Product Features

Foot scan
 Length and width can also be easily measured.
 The plantar pressure distribution is presented in color images for easy understanding.

Comparative analysis of scanning imaging
 By displaying grids, perpendicular and parallel lines, the patient's progress and distortions can be explained more clearly.

Foot checkup, gait analysis, physical function test, etc.
 This system can explain detailed results and progress to patients in an easy-to-understand manner from all perspectives.

The intuitive images make it easy for doctors to explain to patients and also provide treatment options!
 By entering the measurement results, the system automatically displays the judgment.
 The patient's progress image can also be output to the medical record, making it convenient to continue managing the treatment.

About Foot Orthopedic Therapy

Foot orthopedic therapy is a restorative technique that incorporates the theory and techniques of lower extremity biomechanics to improve the health of the entire body.
In foot orthopedic therapy, in order to correct the form and movement of the lower extremities, the physician will use methods such as orthopedic boards or orthopedic tape depending on the patient's symptoms and the specific condition of the feet.
Placed on the patient's daily shoes to improve the patient's daily walking activities and habits.

Biomechanical Kinetic Chain

In foot orthopedic therapy, it is important to consider the skeletal structure of the whole body when measuring the patients' condition.

There is a dynamic association between the spine and the pelvis, the pelvis and the lower extremities, and the lower extremities and the feet, which is known in biomechanics as the biomotor chain. It confirms that abnormalities in posture in one area may compromise seemingly completely unrelated areas.

The foot is the foundation of the human body that bears all the weight of the body. Abnormalities in the form and function of the foot can affect the entire body's muscular and joint system (body coordination), leading to continuous postural abnormalities and cascading pain.

Although not all problems originate from the feet, morphological deformities and functional changes in the feet may be the cause of stress on the whole body skeleton.

Indications for Foot Orthopedic Therapy

 Calluses / Flat feet
 Hallux valgus
 Gait abnormalities / Movement disorders

 Ankle pain / Knee pain
 Shoulder Pain

JFHA Certified Foot Orthopedic Therapy Products

Certified products for inspection and recording

The foot health system is a database system that is linked to the Foot Scanner, which graphically processes the measured data and records the consultation and examination data.

Certified products for the production of foot orthopedic boards

Custom foot orthopedic boards for foot orthopedic treatment are made using "Footfix orthopro", a device that processes the base material "Footfix base" to fit the patient's foot.

Certified orthopedic tape products

Footfix eTape is a taping made of wearable elastic material. There are four types to choose from, depending on the size of the foot.


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