AGEs Sensor

Product Introduction

AGEs Sensor

Advanced Glycation Endproducts are substances of excessive intake of sugar, combined with main human body constituents, protein. In recent years, research has been conducted on these substances as they are related to human aging phenomena and health. Skin, blood vessels, bones, etc. are mainly made up of proteins, and when these proteins are linked to sugar and glycation progresses, the proteins are unable to function as they should and various changes occur in the body's functions.

Product Features

1. Measurer-friendly optical sensing measurement

Unlike previous blood draws, the AGEs Sensor is easier to operate and more secure to use, making it suitable for everyone.

2. Fingertip measurement for greater measurement accuracy and repeatability

Since there is almost no melanin accumulation on the inner surface of the fingertip and no large blood vessels, measurement error can be reduced.
In addition, it is easy to fix the fingertip and measure the same area easily, which results in high repeatability.

3. Rapid measurement to reduce the burden on the measurer

Our unique optical sensing and circuit technology enables rapid measurement in just tens of seconds.


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