Our Company Motto

As the basic spirit and code of conduct of our enterprise, the company motto has led the development of OA.systemSHARP and has accumulated a good reputation for 38 years.
It is our responsibility to practice and fulfill the 5 principles, which are "Strive for self-development", "Report, contact, consult", "Distinguishment of public and private", "Cultivate concentration", and "Fulfill individual responsibilities".

Business Philosophy

Customer First
“Thank you!”, from our customers,
is the motivation for us to continue to do a better job!

Our mission is to obtaining “the highest satisfaction” from our customers.

We are a company that moves forward by accompanying with our customers.

We provide you with the most user-friendly and safe computer software.

Hence, the software will be developed specifically from the user-side and the professional perspective.

To establish the absolute-trust relationship with customers.

It is our honor to receive “thank you” from our customers.

In the company, we are also grateful, with a humble attitude and a spirit of never giving up,

to meet new challenges every day.