Agency Recruitment

With an international vision and philosophy, OA.systemSHARP Inc. focuses on promoting the global development strategy of the company's brand, business, and operation management.
By developing international business strategic partners and sales channels, etc., we will establish a global, multi-domain and multi-lingual agency network to realize the layout of the company's global business.

Agency Support Policy

Brand Licensing

Brand licensing for the agent area, the agent has the right to advertise and sell OA.systemSHARP's products.

Product Support

Send the latest version of the product and related introduction materials to the agent as soon as possible.

Training Support

Provide free training for agents on the operation of product functions and installation knowledge.

Technical Support

In the process of agent operation, if technical problems arise, you can contact directly through email, telephone and other channels, and the headquarters will arrange professional staff to provide technical guidance.

Promotional Support

Provide free video promotional materials and print marketing materials (posters, product brochures, Catalogs, etc.) related design drafts, and provide a unified brand image design program.

Regional Protection

In principle, agents can not cross-regional sales, if special circumstances need to be reported in advance.


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